There are no Christian fundamentalist states anymore. European progressive secularization made sure of that. God was sent underground, to rage and foam with his colleague Pluto.

The Vatican used to torture to death people who did not honor Allah enough (or whatever they called their great scarecrow in the sky). Among others, Giordano Bruno was burned alive just for that (1600 CE). Bruno thought there were other solar systems with life, a crime according to the Judeo-Christo-Islamist Fundamentalists. But now, if the Vatican tried that trick, the Carabinieri would probably invade, arrest the Pope, with all the Cardinals, and lock them up in a mental asylum for the criminally insane.

The basis of the Quran is a very short, often repetitive book (using a lot the words "misericordious" and "fire"). Everybody who talks about "Islam" should read it; it takes just a few hours. Many of its sentences are very short, very clear, and unequivocal.

'Believers" are supposed to follow the Quran absolutely, or they will be "thrown in the fire". The FASCIST PRINCIPLE IS FOUND IN THE QURAN, VERY EXPLICITELY, in its exact words: "YOU WHO BELIEVE, OBEY THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE IN POWER". (QURAN; Surah IV; verse 59).

It does not matter HOW those who are in power got in power, and WHAT they do with it. Islamic society is supposed to be an army: one obey's one's superior (Islam started as an army manual).

There is NO morality in Islam in a supervisory role, it's all about who has power (master) and who does not (obedient dog). God is right because He is the most powerful. Just the same, all the way down. In the Quran, POWER IS THE ULTIMATE MORAL AUTHORITY. Power is a religious command, and a political justification. The  one-who-is-in-power-and-thus-has-to-be-obeyed has to satisfy only one condition: to claim he "believes". This exact principle, of blind obedience to those in power, the Fuerer Principle, is at the heart of how the Nazi machine self organized. The only modification Hitler made was to change the set of beliefs defining the "believer" (instead of coming from Muhammad, they came from Adolf). Hitler had studied, and knew Islam well (since, as I said the core doctrine takes only a few hours to learn, that's not saying much). Hitler sang the praises of Islam.

One can say that "OBEY THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE IN POWER" IS THE ULTIMATE METAPRINCIPLE OF FASCISM. It's its exact core. It's what make the baboons strong enough when attacked by lions, because they act as one massive unit, totally obeying their leaders. It's also what makes cultural expansion, the expansion of knowledge, impossible, if it's imposed beyond the moment of the fight-to-death. Indeed, the essence of knowledge expansion is DISOBEDIENCE.

The metaprinciple "OBEY THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE IN POWER" is why the history of Islam is a long LITANY OF DICTATORSHIPS, and one of the main factors of civilizational degeneracy in the lands the Quran controlled. It makes Islam an ideology for the exploitation of vast masses by raging elites, and thus is very popular with said elites, and anyone who wants to overlord above the later, on the cheap.

The Quran, by the way, was not written by Muhammad, but by a committee of generals selected by a dictator-of-all-of-Islam so bad, he was assassinated in a rebellion, because of his Quran, and while desperately reading his Quran a last time. One ought to argue that "Quran" (from Uthman) and "Islam" (from Muhammad) are different notions. In practice, though, they are confused, and "Islamic Fundamentalist" is defined as "Quran Fundamentalist". The very fact that the Quran incorporates the fascist metaprinciple makes the Fundamentalists powerful warriors, and the neologism "islamofascism" a pleonasm.

The Quran is way too short to cover all. To make Islam all encompassing, as ordered by dictator Uthman, little would-be-Muhammads added 50,000 pages of "sacred" texts, in the centuries following the writing of the Quran. Also the Shariah, Islamic law, was invented, generations after Muhammad's death. Then more, according to locales. Unsurprisingly, interpretations of Islam then differed from each other. All this creative, rushed civilizational engineering was highly controversial, even at the time. The Quran was the first book written in Arabic: there was no previously existing civilizational, cultural philosophical, historical and legal depth. Arguments erupted between completely different doctrines, followed by civil strife, assassinations, and full blown wars.

For just one example, the youngest wife of Muhammad accused the writers of the Quran to have completely perverted Muhammad's anti sexist, progressive stance. She led an army to fight the sexists. Unfortunately, she was defeated at the "Battle of the Camel" (She was sitting on such a creature during the battle).

And so on. This time of intellectual efforts to determine what Islam ought to be was the "Golden Age of Islam", precisely because that dictatorial, all encompassing, totalitarian doctrine had not congealed yet. And the Muslim Caliphs married and bought as many sophisticated Greco-Roman princesses and scientists as they could.  Besides, most of the subjects were not Muslim. Yet.

The variety of Islam extends to this day. Senegalese Islam has very little in common with Wahabbism. They differ with each other nearly as much, or more, as they do with Christianity.

There are "Muslim" Fundamentalist states: Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran, and others. Wahabbism, propped by oil and the USA, has weighed heavily on them all. The USA has long supported, and used Islamist extremists in the hope they would weaken anybody in South Asia, the Middle East or the Maghreb who did not OBEY the USA. This divisive method, "dividere et imperare", was used loud and clear by the Romans. So far, so good.

What the USA did to the ancient Muslim lands is a variant of the massive support the USA (under the guise of independent hyper rich individuals and companies, when not the outright might of the US government) gave earlier to the various fascisms which nearly disintegrated Europe (Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin, Franco).

In any case, US policy created and nourished a powerful Fundamentalist Islam supported by petro dollars, which pushed back all in its way, from the USSR, to European business, imperialism and secularism. Fanatical Islam, a neglectable problem in 1950, became omnipresent, a pretext to make the US army just as omnipresent. Thus a goal was achieved: THE MIDDLE EAST AS THE NEW AMERICAN WEST. (It maybe a case of imperial overstretch: Islam is a war religion, and was built as an anti West war machine: Muslims are not American natives, they will not be as easy to subdue; moreover, deep down, the Europeans, and others, are getting more astute, and more conscious of US strategy.)

In the Fundamentalist Islamic states, Islam is not just a metaphysical religion. ISLAM IS SUPPOSED TO BE ALL OF POLITICS, JUSTICE, AND EVEN MORE: HOW THE STREETS SHOULD LOOK, AND THE DEEPEST DESIRE (DYING FOR ALLAH). Fundamentalist Islamic countries claim to be THOROUGHLY guided by the Quran. This is a degree of FANATICISM unheard of on the construction site of civilization. Although religion was intrusive in Athens (Socrates died for it), it was not THAT intrusive. The same observation can be made with the Roman republic: religion was there, but it did not rule all. In particular, the law was independent of the religion (and more so in Rome, which thrived later, than in Athens ... which stumbled to death on self generated fanaticism).

The concept of "fanatical", and the fact it was a terrible thing, was conceived by the Roman as they created their republic: "fanum" is the temple, in the old Roman religion. Ironically, but tellingly, although Roman civilization had seen the danger right from the start, Rome completely rotted when the (fanatical) Christian took over.

When potentially nuclear tipped rockets guided by the Quran can reach around the world, the Quran becomes a military document of crucial interest to any country which can be so reached. The situation becomes similar to the one we had 80 years ago with "Mein Kampf" (a book also greatly inspired by Judeo-Christianity, let it be said in passing, in an ecumenical spirit). Careful, timely reading of the Quran becomes a matter of survival.

This explains why a country such as France, which crushed, thoroughly, the influence of sacred Judeo-Christo-Islamist texts on her political guidance, centuries ago, (and arguably from inception, 1,500 years ago), is so weary of such rockets, that she announced her determination to not tolerate them.

The Chinese Constitution does not mention throwing people into fire every few pages. The Quran does, and, in Fundamentalist Quranic states, it's the core of the Constitution. The God in the Quran even announces that all the cities shall be destroyed by fire; in other words, the Quran calls explicitly for a worldwide nuclear holocaust, a good thing, according to God, who sounds like He can't wait. Thus, that the Chinese have some nuclear tipped rockets is tolerated, but not so the perspective of Quranists nuclearly armed states. That an exception was made for Pakistan sends us back to the machiavellian interpretation of US policy I made above (a big bad dangerous Pakistan was useful to divide all against all).

The Iranian president himself just pointed out that the age of nuclear bombs is passed (but, of course, the Quran says that to lie to unbelievers is a religious duty, so it's not really clear what he is really saying! It's the Paradox of the Liar applied to Armageddon...). Big powers will try to make sure of that, because they have enough sense to know that a few bombs in a few countries may be predictably safe, but not so, many bombs in many countries. Nuclear disarmament is a much bigger problem than Iran, Pakistan, or the Middle East.

There should not be any nuclear tipped rockets (except for asteroids). Worrying about nuclearly armed Quranists is good: we may as well start the intolerance for those somewhere. INTOLERANCE IS WHAT MORALITY IS ALL ABOUT. And our civilization's morality has been built in opposition to that of the Quran. The hostilities started when Muhammad Himself, coming out of the desert at the head of a gigantic army, attacked and invaded the luscious lands of the Roman empire. 

Patrice Ayme'
3 November 07.