Not-to-know-too-much is how English America was built. We are dealing with four centuries of mental tradition here, thoroughly reinforced by indisputable military, imperial, economic, financial, even cultural, success.

English America started as a private contractor given by the king right of life and death on a continent where it was supposed to go on a crusade "from sea to shining sea" (such is the Charter of the London Company, ~1609 CE). Knowledge was power, and had to be managed appropriately by the powers that be: Europeans giving knowledge to American Natives were captured, and quartered alive.

Soon waves of Biblical fanatics came to North America (after 1621 CE). The Puritans (= the Pures) felt that their version of desirable knowledge, and what to do with it, was not at home in England and Holland (some came from Cambridge: they had thought about what they were doing, establishing a fanatical religious order, they were neoconservatives, centuries before the word was coined). To implement the "Elected People" concept in the Bible, and reenact the events depicted therein, they went all out: war, genocide and unreasonable discrimination are staples of the Bible, they embraced them all (but it was not pretty so they learned not to talk about it too much, and view those who did as traitors). They were Children of God: anything went. Massive troubles in England left English America without adult supervision (England was enduring religious civil war, the revolt of parliament, the execution of a king, a dictatorship, another revolution, and a successful foreign invasion from Holland, all in the 17C!).

The English Americans forged ahead all by themselves, destroying the natives by whichever means (offering money for scalps, burning Indian towns, etc…), and installing an amazing monstrosity, racially grounded slavery. Racism had never been practiced, nor was ever lawful, in the Greco-Roman empire (there were African and Arab born emperors). When the Merovingian empire of the Franks took control of Europe, it made slavery unlawful a millennium before the Americans reinstated it. This means that 17 C English America was technically OUTLAW, a rogue regime; Franco-English law was not enforced since England had lost total control of herself and, thus, of her colony.

When American (future) rebels went to the French monarchy to seek massive help against their king, French officials had to tell the American Founding Fathers that they could not keep slaves in France, by law, and that they had to free them, and pay them a living wage.

After 1786, the newly created USA proceeded with a gigantic holocaust of (nearly) all Indians. Americans did not want to hear what Britain and France thought about it (both France and England had tried for generations to stop the genocide of the Indians, but the English colonists successfully played them against each other).

And on it went. The USA became a great success by CULTURALLY DEVOLVING relative to the mother countries (Britain and France). This could be insured only by NOT listening to what Europeans had to say, and not-listening-to-the-world became a sacrosanct metaprinciple of US mentality. The USA did best by disregarding any lessons from the rest of the world, so it has become a psychological foundation of the USA to imprint citizens that way. It's taught in schools. When May 1 was created, in the USA, to remember sad events in Chicago when American unionists were unjustly accused, and executed, for having organized some protests, the celebration extended worldwide, to this day. American plutocrats were disturbed by this, and displaced Labor Day to the opposite side of the calendar, to kill the planetary aspect of that collective memory. They did not want American workers to perceived that labor overseas knew about them, and cared.

Picking up a Nazi propaganda trick, starting in 1954, though, American children were taught that they were "under God" everyday, and that simplistic Bible factoid was also planted on the currency. That was all Americans needed to know.

So here we are: hundreds of millions of American ostriches with their heads firmly planted deep in the oily sands of the Middle East is not an accident, it's a way of life, they are proud of it. To ask them to extricate their minds from obscurity and to look at the real world around is an assault against their sensitivity, requiring them to make real culture become more important than Disneyland, and they are just not motivated that way.

Wars were long easy for English America: American Natives were hopelessly outgunned. Then came the two bouts of the World War against fascism, which the USA navigated well, by carefully NOT listening to France and Britain, and pressing them for all they were worth, like old oranges. But now the game is up: there is nobody to exploit that easily anymore, and US Fundamentalist religious employees have turned against America with terror and great vengeance.

Dummies repeat all day long that terrorism is bad, because their little minds do not have space for much else. Real patriots want to understand its root causes, so they can do something about removing them. Crying like scared ostriches is no way to make war. All the more since some of this war is about changing the minds of the real patriots.

Patrice Ayme'
13 November 07.