Abstract: Entanglements between part of America's elite and Muslim terrorists are just a sampling of the entanglements which happened throughout the 20C between that elite, and other fascist organizations, such as Nazism. By playing one side, then the other, in a timely fashion, the power of that American elite grew further, perverting the American republic to the point that fascists have rewritten history the way they want it, and now the whole world knows little else. Pearl Harbor and "9/11" were direct consequences of these fascist entanglements and SHOULD have been NO surprise, but, according to Bush, there was a "treachery". Fascists are treacherous, indeed: ELITE PLAYS WITH FIRE, PEOPLE GET BURNED. The cover up of these fascist entanglements seems to be a repeat of what happened to the Roman republic 22 centuries ago, during those generations when the republic was eaten alive by a set of similarly minded greedy people in the highest places, who MANIPULATED FASCISM, and its trigger, TERROR, to mislead people until they became like sheep for the next 6 centuries. We therein systematically demolish one of those multifaceted rewritings of history the fascist elite has rested on. Not challenging such absurdities reduces minds to mush, until they fall into the pit.

Overview: A steady diet of crazy lies will make people unbalanced and weak in the head. Germany went on such a steady diet of insanities during the fateful period 1871-1945, which culminated with Nazism. Hitler was not an accident, but the achievement of a multigenerational praising of folly. Numerous crazy statements brandished in the same bellicose direction will make a nation into an ax with whom to chop other people's heads. That Germany had the highest literacy rate in the world in 1900 made things worse, because the more people are exposed to lies, the crazier they get. Big lies by political authority SHOULD be completely demolished, and the evil behind them exposed for all to see. Otherwise, if one knows better, and one does nothing, one becomes accomplice of the encroaching insanity. US President Bush (2004) teaches that World War Two started the way it did NOT at ALL, quite the opposite of what truly happened. Making WW2 start years after it did allows Bush to cover up WHAT started it. Nazism did not occur just because too many Germans were too crazy. It occurred because there were master puppeteers, so good, and so safely removed, they used their own creation, Nazism, as an assist towards world control. Their descendants ended up running the little sheep ranch known as the USA. And from there that "unipolar" world their late employee Hitler was so obsessed with.

Among the powerful Americans inventors of Nazism, surprise, surprise, one finds the names Walker, and Bush, like in George Walker Bush, self described "War President". Amusingly, sort of, the exact same exploitative scheme, by the same American clique, was successfully pursued with Nazism, Mussolinian, Soviet, and Islamic fascisms. First the instigators help the fascists, bring them to power, and profit from the dictatorship the fascists set up, then decry them, and pose as investigators as they conduct a war against them, using it to find a new clique of fascists to exchange help with, and instigate in turn, and so on ... ad nauseam.

Many professional whiners, with their sad eyebrows, have claimed Auschwitz was not understandable. In this, this mystery, this pain, this victimization, they deeply wallop, and the masters reward them well for making fools of themselves, and showing, by example, how NOT to think. Actually there was no mystery. There was just a HUGE cover up. Auschwitz was the oldest and simplest trick in the book: "extermination" for GREED. Auschwitz became non understandable, because the official version of how that insanity happened is plainly non understandable: many of the MASTER CRIMINALS have NOT been designated, hence WHY AND HOW THEY DID IT.

Indeed, the usual historical depiction of the rise of the Third Reich makes no sense: how so few could do so much? Antwort: Amerika. How come the fascists got so much power in so many ways just after WW1? Antwort: Amerika (setting up militaroindustrial cartels such as I.G. Farben, or Vereinigte Stahlwerke; 1924 Dawes and Young plans of US government). How come lunatics (the SS) could wrestle power from a German republic which was determined to shut them down? Antwort: Amerika (US corporations supplying tons of money). Where did the Nazis get the weapons they were killing thousands of German anti fascist opponents with? Antwort: Amerika (US contraband guns carried by Bush's shipping line, see below). How did the Nazis make Germany instantaneously rich and powerful, as if God had elected them? Antwort: Amerika (massive US direct investment). And how come the Nazis could so easily defeat the world's largest military power? Antwort: Amerika (secretly supplying the crucial military technologies with which to surprise France and the UK).

Stop for a moment and analyze this: grand father Prescott Bush was managing one of Hitler's most prized war companies, even as the US was finally at war with the Nazis in 1942. High treason, but cute. Even more beautiful, "Skull and Bones" style: such companies used Auschwitz slave labor. Obviously, we are on a level of impudence the Nazis themselves, those simple subordinates, could never pretend to stand on.

The Nuremberg denazification trial should have been held in Washington, to wash in tons.



Wildly erroneous ideas can bind people again, even better than rationality, because a common irrationality makes people more special to each other. This spiritual binding together (re-ligare = re-ligion), a madness in common, is an approach to fascization (the other being terror). Such a religion, when oriented to national defense, is the ultimate orgasm of the higher centers of the mind. Binding together with insanity affected Prussia ("Germany" after 1871) in a symbiotic relationship with the rise of fascism which gripped it in the 1850-1945 period. Fascism is the name for the mental phenomenom where the minds of the group become just as one, bound together in the direction where the blow of the axe will fall. "Group think", is only part of the phenomenom: power is provided by the primacy and ecstasy of the war hormones. To represent fascism, the Romans did not brandish a basket, in which a group would think, but an axe, made of the group, from which heads would roll. The group, bound thus, does not just generate low dimensional thinking, but also low dimensional feelings, all motivated by the urgency of war.

The slow approach to fascization requires careful lying. Rulers rule best over mental retards, especially when they are themselves that way. So the Christians, fasciscizing, ruined the schools of Greco-Roman antiquity, also forbidding free thinking under the penalty of death, just to make sure. The Franks, de-fascicizing, reestablished the schools, forcing by law any religious establishment to house a school for the people (787 CE). Stuffing the growing minds of children with nationalistic garbage and allegiance leads to small, easily militarized minds. The Incas deformed the brains of their future shock troopers. Modern schooling makes this technique obsolete. When Einstein was 16, he fled Germany. Einstein was incompatible with the fascist nationalism German high schools served. Then he looked into a mirror and reflected than nothing would come back if he traveled at the speed of light, so Galilean relativity contradicted electromagnetism, and that, too, had got to go. Rebellious minds are fierce all over. Nietzsche made clear that German nationalism, including anti-Semitism and anti French rage, militarism and stupidity, had become a mass psychosis headed towards disaster. The fascist mindset got so excessive that even Bismarck tried to stop it, and so was fired (1890). The German madness was in plain sight, and the young Hitler rocked in its lap. That madness rested on lies.


On June 2, in the commencement speech of the Air Force Academy, US President G. W. Bush asserted that:
"LIKE THE SECOND WORLD WAR, THE PRESENT CONFLICT STARTED WITH A RUTHLESS SURPRISE ATTACK ON THE UNITED STATES, WE WILL NOT FORGET THAT TREACHERY". Is the president ignorant, or is he leading his flock towards fascism? In any case, he ventured so far from the land of truth, reality is no constraint anymore, everything becomes possible, his mind molds the universe into what he wants, and the hell with reality. As Mussolini said in 1912: "We have created our myth. The myth is a faith, it is passion. It is not necessary that it shall be a reality. It is a reality by the fact that it is a good, a hope, a faith, that it is courage. Our myth is the Nation, our myth is the greatness of the Nation! And to this myth, to this grandeur, that we wish to translate into a complete reality, we subordinate all the rest." Benito Mussolini described how he subordinated "the rest" pretty well. Thirty-three years later, he dangled from a gas station. For now, let's try to rescue truth:


Bush implies the US was an innocent ruthlessly attacked by surprise, in WW2, just like with "9/11". It was no such thing. The German Reich was famous for similar self hypnosis into victimization before 1914. This made Germany paranoid enough for the feeling of terror it therefore experienced, to activate further the fascist reflex in the German population. Since there was no threat to the Reich, fear had to be invented by those leaders who wanted Germany to attack everybody. A variant of this is to create one's own fascists (Hitler, bin Laden) to attack one's own population later on, so that the war will never end, as Carlyle desired and Orwell observed.

Tellingly, to claim that WW2 started with a "ruthless surprise attack against the US" is so EVIL, that it violates US law. According to United States Military Law 52, Article 1, war with the "United Nations" started on "September 1, 1939". That was the day Hitler attacked Poland, and France and Great Britain ordered Hitler to withdraw, or they were at war. The US seemed out of the loop, but not really. Actually the US was on the Nazi side, DE FACTO, and that is what Bush IV is trying to clumsily hide (Roosevelt did a better job). Similarly the US was on the side of bin Laden and his ilk, until he, like Hitler, went so far that he had to be used differently.

By the time of the Pearl Harbor attack, the Second World War had been RAGING for several years. As an appetizer, starting in 1936, one million Spaniards died from a coalition of the willing (Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, and their AMERICAN CONTRACTORS). In another show of will, the Nazis defeated Poland in 1939, destroying the flour mills to starve the civilian population to death. This made news: that Poland would be better without Poles. In May-June 1940, France lost several times the number of people killed during the "9/11" attack on the USA, and this EACH DAY, for WEEKS. This also made news: Wall Street went down. That was all the sympathy, let alone the help, France was to get from the USA, for quite a long time. The number of French killed was, relative to the populations of France in 1939 and the USA in 2001, about TWENTY TIMES "9/11", EVERY DAY, for WEEKS. In 6 weeks of combat, 135,000 French soldiers got killed, and an immense number of civilians got slaughtered. The US got the same number of soldiers killed, overall, in the entire European theater. But for France, in 1940, the war, and the losses, civilian and military, were just starting.

Whereas France, with other NATO members, immediately declared she considered "9/11" an aggression against herself, the USA, in June 1940, although millions of Europeans had just been killed in cold blood by fascists, did not deign to notice anything untoward. What, who, was controlling the American psyche? That the German fascists had gone nuts, was clear. Did the Americans go nuts too? Or was there a method to their madness?

Roosevelt actually ran a poll, in June 1940, to see if the US populace felt like doing something about the Nazi HOLOCAUST (whole-burning) of Europe. France was falling at the time, Nazi planes were strafing refugee columns along the pretty tree lined roads of France. Still, 80% of the US population was against intervening against the Nazis (perhaps to compensate for this exhibition of national cowardice, 80% of their descendants were for attacking powerless Iraq). Roosevelt used that poll as a pretext for doing nothing. He hid his deepest reasons. France revealed at the Jewish National Congress (New York, 1940) that hundreds of thousands of Jews had been exterminated in Nazi camps after being herded like sheep. The Boston Globe, and the New York Times, soon confirmed that 700,000 Jews had been assassinated that way. The US was still unfazed. A million here, a million there, the fact remained, there were a lot of Old Europeans left, as Rumsfeld would no doubt point out.


Bush did not invent the myth of the "surprise attack". Before December 1941, powers in America had worked very hard building up that myth. It is hard to not want to know anything, it requires special minds, and a fascist culture makes them so. But let's see how hard it is to be ruthlessly surprised:

Before declaring war to the USA, the Nazis had made a "ruthless surprise attack" on Russia (June 22, 1941), a "ruthless surprise attack" on Yugoslavia and Greece (April 6, 1941), a "ruthless surprise attack" on Romania (October 7, 1940), a "ruthless surprise attack" on Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, (May 10, 1940), and a "ruthless surprise attack" on Norway and Denmark (April 9, 1940. The latter five were democracies, and neutral, that is not involved in the bellicose anti Nazis schemes of the French republic. Before that, there had been a "ruthless surprise attack" on Poland (Sept 1, 1939), a "ruthless surprise attack" on Czechoslovakia, (March 1939) a "ruthless surprise attack" on Austria (March 12, 1938), a "ruthless surprise attack" on Spain (1936), and a "ruthless surprise attack" of the Rhineland (1936). How many "ruthless surprise attacks" does it take to keep on ruthlessly surprising the USA? Apparently plenty of them, it seems, because, on December 7, 1941, the US government claimed to have been all surprised. The Japanese fascists, official allies of Hitler in the "Axis", had been attacking all over Asia for years (Korea, Manchuria, China, Vietnam). Ruthlessly surprisingly attacking, that is. Fascist Italy, also ruthlessly surprising, attacked in Africa, Spain, Albania, and Greece.

Roosevelt called the attack on Pearl Harbor, a military base, "a day which would live in infamy." He mouthed no such big words 18 months earlier, when the Nazis fired bomb Dutch cities, killing thousands of civilians, although the Netherlands, a democracy, had already surrendered (the Nazis wanted the Dutch to suffer, loud and clear, to better attract French fast motorized divisions). Big words are exhausting. Roosevelt rose to the occasion when 2,400 were killed at Pearl Harbor, most of them military. Is American pain that much greater? Or is what Bush hints at, correct, that it was the pain of "TREACHERY" which hurt the US so much?


The non availability of the US to its allies, to its friends, to democracy and to basic human rights, and plain common decency, in 1939, 1940, and 1941, is a worthy subject of reflection for the US Air Force Cadets in 2004. They should ask: "What went wrong with the USA?" But let's use Bush' s interesting semantics to guess what really happened.

What did that "treachery we will not forget " Bush alludes to, consist of? Who could have betrayed the US? Betrayal is what only friends can do, as they turn into enemies. Enemies cannot betray. So what does that tell that a US President feels that Imperial fascist Japan, and Hitler's Third Reich betrayed the USA? Indeed, both of these two fascist Great Powers declared war TO the US, and that was ruthlessly surprising to the poor US, to be so attacked. Why SO surprising? As made plenty clear above, the fascists spent their time attacking democracies, so the belief the USA would be immune to this habit means that either the US did not view itself as a democracy, or ...

Was the US so ruthlessly surprised because it had an understanding ... with the fascists? That the US would not be attacked? To speak of "treachery", as Bush does, is to admit that implicitly. Interesting point of view: fascist Japan and Nazi Germany in December 1941 were some sort of friends, or allies! Indeed, the US had no intention whatsoever to go to war in 1942, as we now know (from recently released information). But treachery interrupted the idyl. And why, indeed, would the US need to go to war with allies like those fascist great powers? The fascists were doing all the hard work, dismantling the "Old Europe". As Rumsfeld pointed out, parroting Hitler, "Old Europe" has long been something to get rid of. As the Nazis used to say, "the New Europe" was the solution.


To understand how fascists communicate with each other, one has to understand that animals are expert at understanding each other with ACTS, since they do not have so many words. Humans have kept that animal gift of communicating without words. The fascists, American or not, worried by the enormity of their acts, were very good at communicating without leaving traces, and lying about the rest. To understand liars one has to look at what they do, not what they say.

For example, top Nazis left, by accident, only ONE copy of ONE document about their own understanding about the "final solution". With no documents, they expected to deny any holocaust which may have happened under their watch, and that is exactly what most of them did at the Nuremberg trial. Nazis kept acting innocent, day in, day out. Hitler got outraged at a dinner party, when the wife of the Nazi governor of the Netherlands complained she saw "awful things" being done to Jews. After the dinner, Hitler fumed that she ruined the mood of the evening, and she should not be invited again. War is hard enough, it should not be spoiled by bad table manners. Enacting this sort of bourgeois make belief was not just more comfortable, it was the essence of Nazism, which was all about lying (to oneself to start with, as Himmler recommended).

The US and the fascist Great Powers understood each other with reciprocally tender behaviors, gifts of technology and being tough to France. Without American technology (and emergency US chemicals in 1939), the German air force could not even have functioned (same for the rest of the Wehrmacht). The gifts of the fascists to the US consisted in profits, market share (sometimes outright monopolies inside Germany or occupied Europe) and the promise to many US corporations to achieve future world domination. Profits were reinvested with Nazism, but still reported on Wall Street as if they had been extracted from Germany, increasing share prices, hence making their owners richer. The same corporations were bankrolling, and supporting the Nazis in a myriad ways, so their increasing clout was preparatory to Nazi world rule, or, failing that, AMERICAN WORLD RULE. Preservation of US properties in Europe acquired through Nazi rule would help.


Such a myth is not just insulting to those who fought European fascism, and the millions of innocents who died, but it is also totally misleading in our present difficulties. Such a myth belittles the great anti fascist war, and its ferocity, and belittles, to great risk, the subtlety of our present difficulties with Islam, and what the Bush administration recently called the "global insurrection". Perverted history is the worst guide.

The 1871-1945 European CIVIL WAR was akin to the American Civil War. Both were bloody civil wars between DEMOCRACY and FASCISM. The southern slave states refused to recognize the full humanity of some people, and so did the German dictatorships. The fear of those "subhumans" (colored, blacks, Jews, French) fed the fascist reflex which profited a few leaders (Southern slave owners in the US civil war, and a galaxy of AngloAmericanoGermanic owners in the European civil war).

Germany was a Great Power. To subdue it in 1939-45, the allies needed 1,000 divisions. In a period of only 5 weeks in 1941, the Wehrmacht destroyed 12,000 Russian tanks. Even Hitler was stunned by the enormous numbers. Countless armies were destroyed to the last man, and had to be replaced entirely. More than 11 million Soviet soldiers died in combat. More than 60 million Europeans were killed. To compare this immense pain with our present difficulties, which are still minor, is to invite another catastrophe, because, by becoming hysterical before we should be, we pervert our appropriate emotional (hence logical) answer. Instead we have to remember the West destroyed its own fascist theocracy, which is all what Islam is.

The Franks delivered the West from the catastrophe of Roman fascism, which caused the Dark Ages, and ever since, the West has become better at staying away from that way of bringing civilization down to the level of warring monkeys. Fascism, ever since, has only been a MOMENTARY ERRANCY of the West. Germany was gripped increasingly by fascism for three generations, but many Germans hated fascism, and the Nazis could only rule through absolute secrecy (German Jews were "removed for their safety"). Nazism would have not lasted a week if the mass of the Germans had known the extent of the perversion it was. Even fanatic Hitler lovers like Marshall Rommel rebelled in the end.

Islam, on the other hand, is NOT ephemeral to the Middle East, but profoundly ingrained there, and the West has long struggled to roll it back. Islam itself was made possible by, and an imitation of, the fascist Christian dictatorship that gripped Rome, which itself was the ultimate blossoming of Roman fascism. In other words, Islam is the rotting fruit of fascist Rome, a long running mess. Initially, its discretion provided relief, in some places, so abysmal Rome had become, but that relief could not last, when it stopped being discrete (in some other places the Muslim invasion was a holocaust).

In the West, the Franks saw Christianity for the civilization destroying force it had become. The Franks forcefully turned Christianity around (in particular, the Franks legislated that Europeans had as much right to be Jews; after all, the Jews were there first). Islam has known no such domestication by common sense, and, as most of the population became Muslim, Islam became a parody of fascist Christian Rome. The US discovered, on "9/11", a 13 centuries old conflict. Fixing Islam now is fixing the mess fascist Rome left behind. This is not going to be accomplished by using Roman methods.


It has got to be nerve wracking to belong to a family which used the creation of Nazism to get to the top of the planet, and all most people know is that one's Dad nearly died fighting (Japanese) fascism. As Grand Pa was being interrogated as a Nazi collaborator, Dad, 18, was training with the US Navy... Hmm... What if the whole truth came out one day?

Prescott Bush, son of Samuel Bush, a business partner of Rockefeller and Harriman, was part of a web of American businessmen who furthered their powers immensely by connecting everywhere they could find, or create, fascist leaders to do business with. That is how they connected with Mussolini and Stalin, very profitably. Having developed the Baku oil field for Soviet fascism, Harriman, one of the world's richest men, was made Hero of the Soviet Union (Warning: there are many Harrimans, just like they are many Bushes, many Rockefellers, many Warburgs, many Fords, many Dulles, all contributing to fascism).

Bush was more of a Nazi man. Since Nazis did not exist yet, and Germany was broke, American capital financed meek little corporal Hitler as early as 1922. The idea was to build up gangster like German partners fighting the French. It helped, in this hatred of France, that a part of the Middle Western plutocratic elite (to whom Walker, Bush and Ford belonged) was deeply racist (complete with "human zoos", 1904). Flush with money, sumptuous headquarters in Munich, and a private army, Hitler then tried a putsch (1923). The Brown Harriman bank, (of which Bush was director), the largest private bank in the world, "interlocked" (US 1942 terminology) with Vereinigte Stahlwerke, the giant iron and explosives Nazi cartel, one of many Nazi war companies set up with American capital. Bush's great grand father, Walker, was a principal of the Hamburg Amerika line (largest shipping line in the world, a German property, generously given to the Harrimans, at the end of WW1 by the American government under secret terms), which played a crucial role in the civil war that wrecked Germany in 1932. Contraband American weaponry was sent through it up Germany's rivers, to the SS, Nazi private army (400,000 strong), armed and financed by American companies (such as Thomson and Remington) owned by Brown Brothers Harriman. Thus thousands of German opponents to Nazism were killed (1932). Bush was not alone, in this great masterpiece. Many were his (vastly) senior colleagues. A lot of the "Eastern Establishment", and some Brits, were in it with him. The Harriman, Warburg, and Dulles brothers, Walker, Norman, Rockefeller, the Fords, Watson, Morgan, and many huge American corporations. A whole galaxy of evil, yet to be explored, not so long ago, not so far away. Since Bush directed, or managed several crucial Nazi banks and companies, he was arguably more important than Himmler (say). The result was Nazism for the world, wealth, power, and fame for Bush and his family. To play with bin Laden is nothing relative to these past glories, and getting away with them.


The Silesian-American Corporation was also managed by Prescott Bush, and by his father-in-law, George Herbert Walker. The company was vital in supplying coal to the Nazi war industry, so the Nazis nationalized it in 1939, keeping Bush as manager (and promising him to get his property back after the war, when Hitler would change from the grey uniform he had vowed to wear during the hostilities). The Silesian-American Corp. Nazi shares were seized by the US November 17, 1942. Such companies were found to use Auschwitz slave labor, giving a drastic meaning to the word "FIRED". The German co-owner, Flick, was condemned for this at the Nuremberg trial.

Prescott Bush and his eminent colleagues were interrogated, but never prosecuted. They were too important for the war effort, and the war never ends. As Hitler went down, the Roosevelt government fed Europe to Stalin, to have a new war (Yalta conspiracy; Roosevelt was supported by the Bush crowd). Better: the elite around Bush ended up running WORLD politics. Bush was made a senator, some of his associates ran the OSS, the CIA and the State department, others picked up JFK's cabinet for him. The son and grand son became US presidents, etc....


Confronted to US anti Nazi investigators about his Nazi bank, the UBC, Bush pointed out he owned just one share, "by courtesy". But what a share! In 1951, with the anti Nazis safely neutralized by the "Cold War" engineered at Yalta, Bush got 1.5 million US $ for that one share, a fortune at the time. For 4 years Thyssen (an associate of the Bush family), sitting in jail, pointed out to anti Nazi investigators he owned nothing. That was absolutely true, in the financial sense of the term. What was later on the largest industrial company in Germany? Thyssen. Thyssen had not been asked whether he owned some understandings with some friends with the name: Bush, and their bank in the Netherlands. With the leading fascists, nothing is ever what it seems. They understand each other, don't write stuff down, prey on the world as a wolf pack, and no impudence is too much of an exciting challenge for them.


As Hitler pointed out, big lies are best: people use little lies all the time, so they do not expect big ones, and are unprepared for them. Although the USA contributed 68 divisions and 135,000 dead soldiers fighting the fascists in Europe during WW2, in the big picture, entire populations were brought to that war by a small anti republican American elite. As Henry Ford said: "if somebody would focus the spotlight on twenty-five persons who handle the nation's finances, the WORLD'S REAL WARMAKERS would be brought into bold relief". Ford, recipient of Hitler's Grand Cross of the German Eagle (Aug. '38), was in good position to know. How come this conspiracy is not better known? Because people were fed a steady diet of lies, that they ended up believing thoroughly. And the Bushes are still at it. So everybody cries on D day every year, in a mass phenomenon, but nobody asks how come things came to be so bad. And the sheep keep on calling Auschwitz mysterious, and they bleat. There was such a breathing-together (con-spirare) when the Roman republic died, it's nothing new. The main Weapon of Mind Destruction the leading fascists have used is frenetic rewriting of history, on both sides of the Atlantic. And so it was that the Walker-Bush-Harriman files were quickly destroyed to hide the considerable help they got from the US government (the latter controlled by using revolving doors careers between politics and business). E.g. the gift of the Hamburg-Amerika line, which 13 years later allowed the Nazis to win the civil war. Anyway, what about filling the mandate of the Nuremberg trial? "Nazi sympathizers" were to be prosecuted too. What about Nazi progenitors?

IBM is finally being prosecuted (June 2004, Geneva) for one of the holocausts it organized (600,000 Gypsies assassinated). So there is hope. Yes, IBM. Hitler was just a client of IBM, the "solution company" (As IBM defines itself ironically). IBM, the FINAL SOLUTION COMPANY. Of course, in 1945 IBM helped judge its Nazis, it goes without saying. It is Machiavelism 101. Better have Nazis trying to judge, arrest, and punish fellow Nazis. The prominent Nazi and Bush lawyer Dulles, was head of the OSS in occupied Berlin at the same time, making sure not too many intelligent questions would be asked in the search for important Nazis. And so on. Just one example: Flick, the top Nazi co-owner of Bush's Silesian American corporation, did not point the finger at his US friends, as he was "tried". For his discretion, he died a natural death in Manhattan, in the seventies, a billionaire. Was that Justice the American way, or was that Justice, the Nazi way? Does it matter? Is there a difference? Maybe Bush, a specialist of Evil, can explain this to us, after one of his conversations with Allah?

Patrice Ayme', July 04.