(Some vignettes about a truer truth on France, Hitler, the USA, and how it is all born again in the Middle East, that hoped for new American West.)

Motivation: Many of the overall strategies and crucial facts of the Second World War are not widely known. Instead the same tired old slogans and exhausted factoids get rehashed by new generations of half educated, lazy parrots. As a result, one often extracts from WW II erroneous lessons. With many crucial facts missing, the patterns of yesteryear, which made a holocaust so profitable to some, were not identified, thus, not coincidentally, they are renewed today. Here are a few striking, all too ignored facts, which shatter a paradigm so profitable to the few, the mean, the voracious, the dark and plutocratic, and so disastrous for the rest of us.

Abstract: The story of WW II as usually brandished in the USA is sheer propaganda. A fuller context provides with a completely different picture. Hitler was a stooge for some Anglo-Saxon Big Money. US Big Money was able to leverage the liberation of Europe from its Nazi stooge into further dominance, in part by using pre-existing Nazi-US companies.

France interfered both with Hitler's and his US Big Money friends' plans, earning her eternal, all consuming hatred. As a consequence of French inveterate belligerence, Hitler's attack on the world was doomed: the Nazis were not ready, and had wanted to avoid starting with a war on France and Britain, and thence the long planned attack on the USSR was off balance from the start, and all the more so after Japan attacked the USA, Hitler's implicit ally. This allowed the USSR to bring armies from Siberia. Efficient Soviet barbarity broke the Wehrmacht in 1941 at Moscow.

Coming to the rescue of victory, like the deus ex machina it had been all along, the USA offered Stalin many gifts to keep Europe divided, while the self proclaimed "Land of Freedom" felt free to grab for itself the European empires and their oil. Exhilarated by this amazing triumph of unabashed guile, the USA enthusiastically replicated all over the world that method which had worked so well AGAINST EUROPE. Ever since the USA became addicted to supporting all and any fascist structures it could find or invent (from local dictators to Fundamentalist Islam). Dividere et imperare, all over again.

But the USA is not in the situation Rome found herself in, with civilization on one side, and barbarians on the other. It may even be the other way around. So, now, for the USA, the old game is up.


Hitler's army was broken at Moscow in late fall and early winter 1941. It was a combination of General Mud, General Winter, Stalin, and finally 250,000 Siberian troops, freed from Japan watch. The millions of Soviet soldiers who died in that battle had no choice, but suicide by combat. On one side, the invading Nazis had flaunted their holocaust of the hated Slavs, spitting on the most basic laws of war (on the pretext that the Soviets had not signed the Geneva Conventions). On the other side, hard to imagine, Stalin's ferocity was even greater: "blocking" NKVD sections killed retreating Soviet troops. In 41-42, the NKVD officially executed 185,000 servicemen. Soviet soldiers made prisoner, soldiers having escaped from Nazi lines, or soldiers with wounds not obviously caused by the enemy, were all considered traitors passible of death camp, execution, etc...

As temps tumbled down, in that coldest of winter, Nazis were fighting in jeans, some using bras around their heads to protect their ears. German machines froze solid. Nazis could not dig in the deeply frozen ground, even as they used high explosives to do so. They had to flee on foot, burning hundreds of their own precious tanks. German planes could not fly, Soviets owned the skies. New, fast T34 Soviet tanks were nearly impossible to destroy.

It was the biggest, and most fateful battle of WW II. The dear old USA had nothing to do with any element of this crushing Nazi defeat (but all the Americans can do is talk about Normandy). US help would come later, when it's arguable that the Stalin terror machine did not need it: a mad, charging bear does not need steroids.


Isolationism should not be the word to describe the state of the USA after 1918. Germany as the new American West is more like it.

The USA was far from being "neutral" as WW II approached. Overall, the USA was anti-French, and pro-Nazi. Franco-American relations became terrible in 1934, as France went all out to prepare for war against Hitler. In 1937, the USA put an embargo against France (as an enemy belligerent). The US Congress passed such a law, as France maneuvered to destroy Hitler. The US Congress did not want that the small, ridiculous, bad, socialist, welfare, sex obsessed, vacationing, dilettante, fun loving, colored friendly, part Jewish, democratic, republican French would hurt their big liar, racist, capitalist, militaristic, pro-American, cowboy movie mesmerized, would-be Indian killer, anti-French, anti-Black and anti-Jewish fascist buddy, Hitler. It was a fight to death between two conceptions of how the universe should be experienced. In a way, as far as some US Big Money was concerned, Hitler was irrelevant: it was a fight to death between France, and the USA (or, more exactly, the version of the USA they had in their racist, exploitative imperialistic, plutocratic heads, and that they wanted to impose on the world; they are still at it 80 years later).

Since it felt so Nazi like, the US pushed a number of countries to become hostile to France. Thus the Maginot line bend into Belgium was not built. (On May 10, 1940, the Nazi army went straight through that non built portion of the Maginot line, while the French mobile armored army was rescuing Holland, as Hitler had connived.) Pushed by Washington, Belgium had reneged on the construction of that crucial segment.

The US view of a good, moral, neutral country was Sweden (which was busy sending as much steel, and even heavy guns, to Hitler as he needed to build for his world conquering army). Another was Switzerland: IBM had the monopoly of machine computing in Nazi Germany, an activity of paramount importance for the conquest of Europe and extermination of any resistance, and inferior races; IBM was managed from New York, through Geneva, for Hitler. US traitors (do you have a better term?) from US Big Money gave Hitler the means to make synthetic oil, synthetic rubber, high performance aircraft gasoline, and engines, and also armor, bombs, automatic pilots, etc... Now their descendants are crying crocodile tears about the Holocaust, while enjoying the fortunes and influence gathered by their pro-Nazi forefathers (Dulles airport in Washington is named after two of them, various descendants of other pro-Nazis became US presidents).


In 1936, the French PM was a Jew, Leon Blum. France needed to persuade a lazy and ambivalent British high society to go to World War against the fascists they had been doing business with. That took a while. Early on France alone could have wiped out Hitler, but she was weary of being accused, once again, by the Anglo Saxons Nazi sympathizers, of incurable belligerence. In truth, the US created and owned a big, dangerous slice of Germany, full of industries which could be used dually for civilian or military purposes. The US protected their (increasing) investments with Hitler by a hostile attitude against France (which never quite stopped).

Britain had made a sordid deal with Hitler in 1935 (in exchange for trade, Hitler was given British support in his violations of the Versailles Treaty, and a green light for all, thus blocking France).

To change course, Britain had first to fire her young pro-Nazi King, which she belatedly did. Britain had to change her entire policy from pro-Nazi to anti-Nazi (a change the USA did not do on its own). Still Britain cut another personal deal with Hitler as late as 1938 (instead of going to war with mighty France and very well armed Czechoslovakia). Churchill, switching from his anti-French fanaticism of 1929, begged Chamberlain to build an air fleet of obsolete fighter planes (Chamberlain wisely took the time to develop modern planes instead). Britain completely woke up, as Spain was falling to fascism (Feb 1939). France signed a compulsory defense agreement with Poland, Britain was added to the fine print in an addendum.

Fascist armies rebelling against the republic in Spain had been transported by the Nazi Luftwaffe, and nourished by Texaco. Without Texaco, the neoconservative rebels would have stayed stuck in Africa, to start with. This episode made Hitler laugh. Texas, always Texas, ever more Texas oil... Now, of course, Texas has to be relocated to the Middle East, since US production of oil is fading fast (less than 20% of what it used to be).


Hitler had wanted to attack the USSR in 1940, but the Wehrmacht's effort in France prevented that (said Nazi Marshall Keitel). All along, France was a total disaster for Hitler. The accord with Britain in 1935 was that Hitler could go attack Eastern Europe, hoping the Anglo Saxons would prevent a French attack, instead l'entente cordiale clicked: the French succeeded to turn the Brits around.

The Nazis had intended to have massive quantities of new weapons by 1945, and to fight their World War with them, and only then. Instead, thanks to the vicious French, they had to fight in 1939, with obsolete weapons, that they had to mass produce, using a lot of straight American technology. France and Britain planning to occupy Sweden, to cut Hitler's "Iron Road", the German Decider had to attack Denmark and Norway first, making him look bad, etc...

The greatest, crucial defeat of Hitler was diplomatic, when France and Britain declared war. France and Britain had chosen the time (1939), and the place (Western Europe). Worse: the Franco-Brits surprised Hitler. In these conditions, Hitler had to turn around and defeat the USSR, ASAP, to avoid war on two fronts, as he explained to his generals.

The largest battle in Western Europe during World war II was not "Normandy", but the Battle of France (May-June 1940). An average of more than 3,000 French soldiers were killed, each day. Total military losses of 185,000 soldiers, including 50,000 Nazis, occurred in 5 weeks. Nazi officer losses were considerable. French civilian losses were immense. The Nazis got very lucky that Rommel and Guderian and their panzers on amphetamines radically disobeyed orders, surprising the OKW as much as the French High Command. One division in the right place could have changed everything. That division could have been American, except that, at that point, practically, the USA was supporting Hitler, not democracy. This was 1940, not 1944. (Normandy's 7 weeks: 132,000 soldiers dead (30,000 US); also 20,000 French dead.)

The dear, supposedly democracy loving USA did NOT send ONE bullet to help France, a democracy, and sister republic, during the 10 months when France fought the Nazis alone, before she fell (alone, that is with not enough British help: the Brits gave all they could, 22 fighter squadrons, and ten divisions, but that was not nearly enough).

The only discernible American gesture of solidarity with France was a crash on Wall Street. So much for American altruism: Europe was being holocausted by racist fanatics financed by America, with American weapons, and it was none of America's business. So much for Americans giving continual moral lessons about WW II. Some may deduce that, when a Hitler comes around, all the USA does is to help HIM, until such a time that more than twenty-million Russians have died, plus a few dozen millions other Europeans, and then the US flies to the rescue of victory, self congratulating, to feed on the ruins, and employ the survivors.

By comparison, during the US war of independence, in the early years, more than 90% of American bullets were made in France. Without having sent all these bullets to the inchoate USA, the USA would have never existed, as a philosophically independent entity, and no doubt that would have made an important difference for France in 1940, because Canada promptly declared war to Hitler in September 1939, following the British lead. By the way, there were thousands of Canadians in Normandy in 1944, their second attempted landing in France, and thousands died. If Canada had been eleven times bigger in September 1939, Hitler would have been destroyed right away, and Europe would not have been holocausted by the Nazis (Hitler's generals would have got rid of him before that anyway).

When the Nazi Luftwaffe ran out of precious fuel additives to kill Poles in fall 1939, US contractors rushed hundreds of tons of supplies to their friends in need, the Nazis, so they could keep on straffing and bombing Poles. Hey, what's racism and capitalism for, if not good old brotherhood in arms? At the times 98 French divisions were trying to break into Naziland (imperviously defended by the fully constructed Westwall), on the narrow front given to her in 1919, the rest being blocked by the (American induced) neutrality of Belgium. It would not have been different if Hitler had led a very large private mercenary force for the USA:"Oh, Adolf, dear, you have run out of fuel for your dive bombers? So sad! But wait! What do you need from Uncle Sam to kill more Poles, and all those pesky French? Here, have what you need!"


Finally, Hitler, discombobulated by the catastrophic failure of his lamentable offensive in Moscow's frozen suburbs, challenged in his racial superiority by the crazy Japanese military, hurt by the increasing seduction of the USA by Churchill, in an explosion of frustrated hubris declared war to America, December 11, 1941. The USA had not intended to go to war in 1942, and was caught flat footed.

Now, through no fault of its little American self, and thanks to Hitler, the USA found itself at war. So, American soldiers died by the thousands in Normandy, not because their leaders decided to put an end to Hitler, but because Hitler decided to put an end to them. American soldiers were not in Normandy to save the French, but because they had been ordered to save the USA. Whereas the attack of France against Hitler can be couched as a moral mission, the USA was thrown in the war by the vengeful Nazi dictator (Hitler viewed himself as manipulated, doubled dealed by his Anglo Saxon allies, since the Brits had switched sides, and he suspected the USA would do the same, hence his rage).

By then the Nazi war machine had been laminated in Russia. Both sides had lost millions of soldiers. (The new Nazi weapons came on line in 1944: hyperpowerful tanks, missiles, rocket planes, and various jet fighters and bombers, undetectable submarines ('45)). The US army estimated that the Nazis would regain air superiority by July 1945. But the Reich was chronically out of oil, and now, fighting men.)


The Allies had to land somewhere in 1944. Hence Normandy. On D day, the "British contingent" had 83,000 soldiers, the American one, 73,000: it was far from an All-American show. The French resistance, meanwhile, was playing a huge role, keeping busy 20 Nazi divisions (said the Nazis themselves). Be it just in Vercors, a French redoubt down in the Alps, a giant high mesa with a landing strip, the Nazis had to use 4 divisions, including elite SS paratroops. Those would have wrecked the Normandy beachheads, if they had they been used there instead. A disinformation campaign made the Nazis believe Vercors was a truer landing than Normandy (and so was Calais: anywhere, but Normandy!).

Nazi divisions were powerful. Just one Nazi division, the Panzerlehr, held back the entire American army all by itself, for a month. Finally, it got (partially) broken by using the entire Allied bombing force, thousands of heavy bombers, in a continuous stream for two hours, a raid so violent hundreds of US troops and a top US general got killed by concussion. In Normandy, the Nazis were always just one division short of throwing the Allies back in the sea. It was that close, and it would have changed everything, because the Nazis could have gained time, and bring on line futuristic planes, recovering aerial superiority in 1945. Using nuclear bombs against Germany was not obvious, because Hitler could have replied with devastating neuro toxic WMD, carried by hypersonic rockets, arguing that nukes were a violation of the Geneva Conventions. As it was, against the West, the Nazis roughly respected the Geneva Conventions, and did not touch their enormous stocks of nerve gaz.

The French resistance should always be mentioned whenever the two months of the Normandy campaign are evoked, because it made it so that the Nazis were many divisions short. In Vercors alone, more than 5,000 French civilians died. Vercors was not the sole place were the resistance gave the Nazis a tough and costly fight. Slowed down, rendered mad by the resistance, armored Nazi divisions destroyed entire villages. One revenge among many: 642 civilians were burned alive at Oradour.

Others, rarely mentioned, were important; the First Polish Armored division finished bottling the Nazis at Falaise, causing them a mini Stalingrad (90,000 Nazi casualties). Meanwhile, the Allied High Command decided to let the annihilation of Warsaw proceed unimpeded.


The pathological detestation of France by an important class in the USA carried on. It's a disease even Roosevelt had. It led to American plans for an occupation of France, "AMGOT" (complete with fake currency). Logical, since the USA had been first to recognize the unconstitutional Vichy coup d'etat of June 1940.

The US occupation of France did not happen, because the French army (partly equipped by the USA) was more than 1,250,000 strong in 1945, and the US never went over a maximum of 64 divisions in Europe, only a small fraction of which saw combat (all too often the 101 Airborne). By comparison, France had about 130 divisions in 1940, Hitler, around 200 divisions, and Britain 10.

The disagreements between French and US army were sometimes extreme in 1944/45. The French Second Armored division had to steal fuel to charge towards Paris before four SS Panzer Divizionen got there. Eisenhower had planned to avoid Paris, and Paris may have had the same fate as Warsaw, should the Deuxieme DB not got there first. That armored division had been at war since 1939, four years before any US troop saw action.

Avoiding Paris was a decision of the US leadership. US armored units on the front line were baffled, frustrated and could not understand why they had been told to stop while the Nazis were building up their defenses in front of the capital. (US disingenuous propaganda later claimed it was to give the French the honor to free Paris; I just suggested a much more sinister interpretation, quite the opposite, it may have been to give the Parisians a lesson, like the Russians were giving to the Poles, at the hands of the Nazis; Goebbels was exulting to have at last a pretext to holocaust Warsaw).

Stalin's army had stopped in view of Warsaw to "rest" (it had advanced fast just before, and the day it stopped, it asked the Poles to revolt). Stalin, in truth, wanted the maximum number of bellicose Poles to die, to make more comfortable his planned occupation of Poland. So he waited, as the Nazis destroyed the headstrong city. For three months the Poles were left to fight and die alone, as the Nazis razed the Polish capital. Meanwhile, in an extremity of perfidy, a Polish paratroop division, ostensibly trained to be dropped on Warsaw, was dropped by Eisenhower on a Dutch bridge, were it got annihilated by SS panzers. And Warsaw still fought, and died, alone. Stalin prevented British air support to access Warsaw. That was not much of a problem for Eisenhower, Roosevelt, and the like; apparently, for them, the only thing worse than the Poles were the French. Maybe they had to help exterminate all the more of the former, since they were stuck with the later.

It could indeed be argued that some in the US command reasoned just the same about Paris. Paris, just as Warsaw, had rebelled, and, just as for Warsaw, the Nazis were bringing huge forces (Paris revolted on its own, starting with the Police). The revolt of Warsaw, was initiated by a call of the Soviets, as their armies crossed the Vistula around the Polish capital; just when they got suddenly exhausted. OK, Model was counterattacking with ... 4 divisions, four measly divisions, facing down a super giant Soviet juggernaut of 2.4 million soldiers, 5,200 tanks, and 5,300 planes... Eisenhower's behavior was identical to that of his Soviet colleagues in front of Warsaw. Except, he could not pretext fatigue. So he pretexted strategy: best to stay in the countryside. That was obviously grotesque, since modern European cities, built with a lot of stone and concrete and underground passageways, had proven to be natural fortresses, very hard to subdue. Eisenhower was lying: all indicates that he wanted Paris destroyed (or was under such orders).

In any case, Leclerc's French Second Armored division, under order from general De Gaulle (the only legal representative of the constitutional republican government of France), rushed forward, shattering Nazi defenses, and the US command decided to second him with the 4th American infantry division. Later, something similar happened during the Battle of the Bulge: Eisenhower ordered to evacuate Alsace, but the French army refused, knowing well the Nazis would kill all (on the ground Nazis had been betrayed by (who they viewed as) "ethnic Germans").

The US high command, having threatened many times to cut fuel and munitions to the French armies, then really did it. It did not last (because Ike needed the French), but the memory will.


The USA losing its main way of dividing Europe, Hitler, it was time to expand the role of the other one, the Man of Steel. Poland was given for Stalin to digest, and all of Eastern Europe too. It was a tradition, US capitalists had helped with the giant Caucasian oil fields.

During the war, US help to Stalin had been well beyond anything reasonable. Stalin was a monster of Hitlerian caliber, and, having broken the Nazis at Moscow, he did not need that much help. If anything, Stalin was in need of some restraint, not further rewards. Stalin wanted to kill everybody, as soon as he fancied them to be a threat in any way. A drunk Stalin boasted to Churchill that he killed 30 million of his own people, while Hitler killed "only 20". Official US propaganda claimed there was nothing they could do about big bad Stalin. But Churchill recognized that he, and Roosevelt, signed what he called a "naughty document" at the Yalta conference, which gave half of Europe to "Uncle Joe": from Uncle Sam to Uncle Joe, with love, here, have another serving, take Romania too.

Enormous US aid to Stalin helped him mount fast and gigantic operations in Eastern Europe, like Operation Bagration.

US gift giving to Stalin was a systematical policy. It explains why US general Patton was prevented to get to Berlin first. It could easily have been done: Patton had plenty of armor, and more than ten, very motivated French divisions invading southern Germany on the southern flank (which got to Austria first). US armies could have gone full east in a pincer move; the Soviet army was decimated, nearly completely out of tanks, it could never have dislodged a refreshed Patton with his experienced tankers from wherever he got to first. But France seemed to be perceived by the USA as a bigger problem than the USSR. Eisenhower, a general, wrote Stalin not to worry (!).

More than a year earlier, well before Normandy, the French army disintegrated the Nazi lines next to Rome, and the French general in command asked for the permission to dash north towards Austria, through the soft belly of the Nazi beast, and kill it quick. That was refused: too easy, let Uncle Joe time to get there first. The Nazis were allowed to reform their lines leisurely, and Northern Italy was left under Nazi occupation until the end of the war. Central and Eastern Europe were supposed to be occupied by Uncle Joe, a friend of Uncle Sam, not by the French republic, an obvious philosophical danger. Thus the Cold War was engineered in the USA. It would prove handy to keep Europe divided, and kick Europe out of its entire world influence, replacing her by the USA.

US equipment help in WW II was considerable, true. But so was its technological and industrial and financial help to the Nazis, earlier. If one had removed all US equipment and technology from the Nazi army, the Poles and the French would have been in Berlin in a month in 1939. They did not, because of the perverse actions of powerful US industrialists, and the associated help from US diplomacy and Congress. Something similar happened with Iraq (bait and switch against S. Hussein about the Iran-Iraq war).

Conclusion 1: Since 1919, the US superior class has tried to impose its mentality on Europe, and, although the Nazis had been fast learners of the proper racial and imperial military-industrial capitalist world order of the superior white race, and the Brits had played along, for a while, the French fought back, to the point of having a World War about it. The US superior class has been reliving this French nightmare ever since, the last bout of it being 2003, when France went to all out diplomatic war to prevent the USA to go to war in Iraq. Since France gave birth to the USA, it is to be feared that this mom is not finished with her lessons.

Conclusion 2: Look at who profited from the Second World War, and meditate, in light of the preceding facts (a very concise, partial rendition). It's not the poor guys who got shot at in Normandy who profited. It's peculiar elements of US Big Money which profited. So globally, the USA is innocent. But not so the sort of operators who financed, encouraged, supported and armed Hitler, and even less the MENTALITY which allowed them to thrive. And the later, differently from the former, is still around, and doing well. We can see it in Iraq, where private US employees are officially OUT-LAW: they kill Iraqis with impunity (confered by the US vice-roy). This is the same sort of people (very Big Money of the nasty type) which caused the fall of the Roman republic into fascism, operating from behind and below. They have the means, and the more they do not get exposed, the more they gather them, and it all can run out of control, as it did during the Second World War.

Conclusion 3: By BETRAYING France for Hitler in 1934-1941, the USA also betrayed democracy, republicanism, and became allied to fascism and racism of the genocidal type. If the USA had allied itself to France in 1939, as Britain did, the Nazis may have been defeated as soon as 1940. His generals would have probably got rid of Hitler (conversely, by supporting Hitler, the USA was telling his generals to not do so). The elimination of Hitler in 1940 or 1941 would have saved more than 50 million people. But many powerful types in the USA were more interested by ruling Europe themselves, and creating an American empire. So a messy outcome was best. For them.

Immediately after Yalta, Roosevelt having offered half of Europe to Stalin, hoping to pocket the other half for himself, went down to Egypt, and proposed a Devil pact to Ibn Saud (we will support you totally, as long as we get your oil).

Exercise: Apply all this to the present attempted invasion of the Middle East by the USA: you have got the "contractors", the double dealings, the enemies of now (Saddam, bin Laden, soon Musharraf (?)) one carefully nurtured and fabricated yesterday (just as the USA helped fabricate Hitler (an other story not alluded to above), or Mussolini, or Franco, or even Stalin (there is more to history than the vignettes above)). And, first of all, a MENTALITY had been created, after WW I, after 1918, a mentality of anything-goes for nasty US Big Money and it perpetuated itself, because no one put a stop to it. Now it's all over the Middle East, the New American West. The Arabico-Persian Gulf is in danger of being renamed the Gulf of America.

Conclusion 4: The mentality of US Big Money being free to do whatever it wanted in Europe, building up, and collaborating with, diverse fascisms of their own making, should have been exposed, and put on trial, after WW II (as were the Nazis). But no influential American wanted to show that this sort of US super mafia committed a crime by hitching a ride on Hitler's, and Stalin's back. The idea was that Big US Money's conspiracies had been profitable for all Americans, by forming a US empire, and therefore was an absolute good.

Minds become what they trained for. Influential Americans, by lying about what truly happened with Hitler, and their responsibility in it, have created a giant cover-up conducive to letting their (mis)leaders get away with more of the same, and to themselves being dulled by a lack of interest in finding what truly is going on. All curiosity gets dismissed by "that's history", or "that's a conspiracy theory".

In absolute contrast, after dirty business which happened during the Nazi occupation, France was aware of the necessity of setting the record straight, to make such horrors hard to repeat. France executed between 20,000 and 40,000 Nazi collaborators, thousands of them after full trials. If the thousands of crucial collaborators of the Nazis in the USA had been put on trial in 1945, US politics would have been completely different afterwards. Indeed, those Nazi collaborators, and their descendants, have dominated US politics ever since.

Conclusion 5: Although this model of interaction and navigation in the exploitation of others has proven to be the essence of American dominance (against the American natives, and throughout the 20C), it has now reached the breaking point. The USA, completely through the exuberant application of this strategic model in the Middle East, finds itself facing the very real prospect of a generalized war all over the Middle East and South Asia. Since it would be, arguably, its fundamental instigator, the USA is in further danger, even after reestablishing the draft, of losing that war. The Turkish army is strong, and backed up by a secular democracy. Pakistan has thermonuclear weapons, and Al Qaeda its fingers, all over them. And so on. Moreover European sympathies would only go so far: Western Europe is not philosophically divided anymore. Hedonist, democratic, debating philosophy has won the war over fascism (and a bruised Russia may come fully up on board). The Romano-American philosophy of "divide and rule" is what brought Europe to Napoleon and Hitler, Auschwitz and the Gulag. Europe will not engage in it anymore. Should it obstinate itself, the USA is alone. And it won't win.

He Who Sows the Wind, Reaps the Storm.

Patrice Ayme'
Nov 11, 2007.